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Glimpse of Rohru

Rohru would provide something unique to all those who love to feel the imperceptible mix of fable and reality. Its lovely temples with imposing designs, fishing and trekking routes, towering mountain peaks, picturesque environs, dense woods and fleet of streams are indeed a marvellous sceneries that one should experience at least once in a lifetime.

Rohru, located on the banks of River Pabbar, is the treasures of valuable fish fauna. This region is renowned for trout fishing. It is considered as the paradise of anglers. Both brown and rainbow trout are found in the upstream of Rohru in the Pabbar valley. 

There are several spots for fishing in and around Rohru. These spots includes Sandasu, Tikri,Seema, Mandil, and Dhamvari. Apart from trout, other varieties of fish including Mahaseer are also seen in this place. A nearby place Chirgaon has the trout hatchery. 

Shikhru Devta
 Temple is a locally revered temple located at the heart of the Rohru town. The temple is dedicated to Shikhru Devta, a local Goddess held at high reverence. The location is the place where a famous annual fair is conducted. The fair attracts thousands during the month of April every year. The local populace believe that the Devta has wonderful devotional powers. 
Shikhru Devta Temple itself is located at an eye catching natural setting. The beautiful views surrounding valley and the aesthetic environment of the temple are very attractive for the pilgrims and the tourists visiting Rohru. The temple opens every days for worship. 

Majestic mountains, splashing streams, natural beauty of shimmering lakes and breathtaking landscapes, Pabbar valley is a paradise of travellers. This valley is known for the dynamic and adventurous tourist activities. The amazing opportunities of trekking like Kuper Valley Trek and Chanshal Trek in Pabbar valley are praise worthy.

Near by Places

Chirgaon Famous for trout fishing, Chirgaon village lies in Rohru taluk of Shimla District and the town of Rohru is 15 km northeast. Some of the great spots for fishing in the area are Seema, Mandil, Sandhsu, Tikri and Dhamari. Larot, nearby, is a base for trekking to Dodra kwar, Bapsa Valley ( Sangla), and the Pabber Valley. 

Chandra Nahan Lake is situated near to the chansal peak gains much significance since Prabhar River originates from this perennial source of water. At an elevation of 4260 meters this lake presents an unbelievably mesmerizing spectacles to the visitors.This dazzling spot where one can spent much time would be an unforgettable experience.

Chanshal Peak 

180 kilometres from Shimla, links Dodra Kwar and Chirgaon (Rohru) in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh, India. The pass sits atop the Chanshal Peak, which at 4520 meters (slightly higher than Rohtang Pass, Manali) is the highest peak in the Shimla district. The pass remains open from May to October and is covered with snow for the rest of the year.

To be in the midst of this splendid surroundings one would be dare enough to take the risk of a serious treks. Though the trekking path is very difficult, it is quite rewarding and most of the tourists would embark a trek to enjoy this stunning extravaganza of nature.One can find snow around the year here.

Hatkoti Temple

Some 105-km east of Shimla , in Jubbal Tehsil on the banks of the river Pabbar, lays the mysterious valley of stone temples Hatkoti. Close by stands a small village by the name of Parhaat. At Hatkoti, two other small mountain streams Bishkulti and Raanvti join the Pabbar. The color of the Bishkulti or vish-khalti water is somewhat grayish and the local belief says that the stream oozes out poison. With the convergence of the three water streams, according to the Hindu mythology makes Hatkoti a place fit to be a pilgrimage. Himachal itself, though studded with temples, has a very special reverence for Hatkoti, the abode of Goddess Mahishasurmardini an incarnation of Durga.