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Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA): A Pioneering Compass
Higher education needs to be viewed as a long-term social investment for the promotion of economic growth, cultural development, social cohesion, equity and justice. The globalization era has necessitated inculcation of competitive spirit at all levels. This can be achieved only by bringing quality of higher standards to every sphere of work. Therefore, the quality of higher education has become a major concern today and need an ambitious programme to revamp the higher education sector in the country.
A new Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) has been introduced from the academic session 2013-14 by the State Govt. under RUSA. In present times, this programme gradually taking its pace and opening new horizons to give impetus in making the youth more powerful by choosing their choice based subjects for study.
This programme comprises of four basic components viz. Compulsory Courses, Core Courses, Elective Courses and General Interest and Hobby Courses. It is an instructional package developed to suit the needs of students to keep tempo with the developments in higher education worldwide. It takes the student out of isolated compartmentalized learning environment which clearly indicates for each level of certification learning effort required on the part of the student in terms of credits to be earned as well as participation in instructional hours to be spent through either regular mode or through distance education mode. The student in this system has considerable freedom in choosing courses and so making his / her own personalized programme/ bouquet in a cafeteria mode keeping in mind necessary requirements of a major course. Except for the compulsory and core courses of the subject of his / her major, he / she is free to choose courses of his /her choice. The programme is considered completed when the student cumulates the requisite number of successful credits (passed), i.e. at least 120 credits for an undergraduate degree. While faculty of IIIrd year is the only course running on the old pattern for the session 2014-15.


Govt. PG College Seema offers Post Graduation in Commerce (M.Com.), English, Political Science History, Economics, Hindi and PGDCA. With every progressive year the enrollment in these courses has been increasing enthusiastically, showing good results too.


Success is the catchword these days, also with the globalization of the world, the need of the skilled labor is increasing. The route to success is getting shorter with the opening up of varied prospects and fields, one can adopt as his/her career.
Therefore, sensing the need of the hour, College has a privilege of not only introducing four “Add – On Courses” but also running them successfully. These courses include Functional English, Fashion Designing, Marketing Management and Tourism and Travel Management. The education or curriculum designed, keeping in mind the need of a particular industry, courses like these are much focused and future oriented. These courses have inculcated the virtues of self–confidence and competitive spirit which is definitely going to help our students to have an edge on others. The students are therefore, grabbing these opportunities and are very keen to structure their career according to the requirement of the globalized world.

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