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The Post Graduate College Seema was established in year1988 with an aim to provide higher education to the students of this remote area. The college is situated at a distance of about 120 kilometers from the capital city of Shimla and six kilometers from the main Rohru town in a green valley formed by Pabbar river and is surrounded by the panoramic view of high hills and snow covered Chansal peak.The picturesque campus spreads over an area of about 50 bighas offers a sabulous climate and congenial atmosphere for higher education and moulding students into worthy citizens with sound character.
The College has adopted an ‘open book’ and the ‘rising sun’as its emblem. The open book symbolizes the learning whereas the rising sun symbolizes that education will lead the people from darkness to light, ignorance to knowledge; from unknown to known paths. The open book also communicates the message that the education shall be made available to all those who were deprived of it so far. Ever since its inception, the College has proved to be a boon to youths of this area and truly realized the visionary outlook  of the founder of the College, none other than Shri Virbhadra Singh, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh.

At the beginning in 1988, the College had only Arts classes. Subsequently in the year 1989, science classes were started and later on in the year 1994, the commerce faculty was also added to college making it an institution worth of catering the all round higher education requirement of the local community. In the year 2007, post graduate classes in the subjects of English, Political Science and History and five Add on courses in Functional English, Lab Diagnostic Techniques, Fashion Designing, Tourism &Travel Management and Marketing Management were also added to the existing range of courses. The year 2010 marked the beginning of the  professional courses in the college as the BCA course was started, which further culminated into the starting of PGDCA course and Foundational Course in Human Rights Education (HRE) in 2012.As such, the college which started with only one class i.e. B.A.I in 1988 has presently  running not only undergraduate courses in Arts, Science and Commerce streams and post graduate courses in three subjects but also professional courses like BCA,PGDCA besides four add  on courses, which the students can pursue along with their regular courses providing them an opportunity to adding vocational skills to their learning

The College was assessed on the criterion of curricular aspects, teaching learning and evaluation, research ,consultancy and extension, infrastructure and learning resources, student support and progression ,organisation &Management and other healthy practices by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council(NAAC),Bangalore during June, 2006. After formal assessment, the NAAC accredited the College at’ B’ level with a score of 71.25 per cent.

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The College began with a total strength of 16 students in 1988 which increased to 91 in the year 1989. The total strength of the College stood at 324 during 1994-95 with 253 boys and 71 girls. In the year 1995-96 the students’ strength rose to 498 with 382 boys and 116 girls. In the next decade, the students’ strength touched new height with an enrolment of 1113 students in the year 2005-06 which further increased to 1286 in the year 2006-07.This decade and the subsequent years also saw an overwhelming increase in the enrolment of students especially the girls’ students. The ratio of girls enrolment in the total enrolment increased from the year 2008-09. Of the total enrolment of 1341, the girls strength was 702 in 2008-09, in the year 2009-10, it was 702 out of total of 1381, in 2009-10,it stood at 707 out of total of 1381. The girls’ ratio further increased in the next three years. In 2010-11, out of a total of 1559 students, 787 were girls students and 750 boys and during 2011-12 also the strength of girls students increased as out of total of 1674 students, 870 were girls students. During the2012-13, also the girls’ students outnumber the boys in the enrolment


List of First batch of students

Sr. No

Name of Student



Kishori Lal






Raj Kumari



Bhopinder Singh Rawat



Sangita Gaur



Gian Singh Chauhan



Bal Krishan



Tralok Mehta



Kewal Ram Thakur



Krishan Chand Negi



Virender Nayak



Madhu Chauhan



Vajayanti Mala



Prem Lata



Sandhira Devi



Vijay Kumar



Lekh Raj


With immense satisfaction it is observed that this college which started with a meager strength of just 16 students in 1988 as an undergraduate college has recorded steady progress and development and today in 2012-13 it is a full fledged co-educational post-graduate institution, the total strength at present is 1674 and has increased by a hundred times in a span of 25 years. When the college was initiated nobody must have even dreamt that the number of students will increase so many times and it would turn out to be such a prestigious institution in Himachal Pradesh.
Furthermore, the most encouraging fact is that this college has given voice to the once considered voiceless, section of our society. The number of girls enrolled has outnumbered the boys continuously since the year 2008 which clearly shows that the literacy rate of women is on a rise in our state and is a very healthy sign for the well being of women and the progress of our nation. The lasting change can only be achieved when women have access to both knowledge and resources, which leads to women empowerment.
Though we are proud of our many success and achievements, we cannot be satisfied by simply resting on our laurels. Indeed it is our mission to strive higher, no matter how many goals we reach along the way. This true and indefatigable spirit of lifelong progress runs through the very core of our college.

Principals  & Staff

The College progressed gradually under the dynamic leadership and vision of various Principals. Since the beginning of the College in 1988, Twenty one Principals have rendered their valuable services and contributed towards achieving various milestones in the ever ending journey of the institution towards excellence. Prof. R.L.Sharma was the first Principal of this Institution and presently Dr. B.L.Vinta is carrying forward the batton of responsibilities of the Principal of the College since April, 2008 with enthusiasm, missionary zeal and hard work.
Initially, 27 posts of teaching staff and 27 posts of non-teaching staff were provided to the College. Presently, there are 33 posts of teaching and 30 posts of non –teaching staff sanctioned for the College.


Sr. No. Name From To
1 Sh. R.L. Sharma 06-05-1988 31-10-1988
2 Sh. Praveen Kumar(Off.) 01-11-1988   30-11-1988
3 Sh. G. C. Dhiman  01-12-1988 31-05-1989
4 Sh. Chaman Lal(Off.) 01-06-1989  17-01-1991
5 Sh. Chattar Singh 18-01-1991 31-07-1993
6 Sh. Chaman Lal (Off.)  01-08-1993 01-02-1994
7 Sh. S.C. Vinayak 07-02-1994 28-02-1994
8 Sh. Chaman Lal (Off.) 01-03-1994 03-17-1994
9 Sh. S.P. Sethi  04-07-1994 09-08-1995
10 Sh. J.M. Julka 16-08-1995 31-10-1995
11 Sh. R.N. Sharma  01-11-1995 06-10-1996
12 Dr. D.C. Katoch 07-10-1996  17-12-1998
13 Dr. J.S. Negi 18-12-1998  02-06-2003
14 Smt. Bhagwati Bali (Off.) 03-06-2003 12-08-2003
15 Miss Shashi Bala 13-08-2003 30-11-2004
16 Dr. B.K.Kapur 01-12-2004 21-12-2004
17 Sh. K.C. Garg 22-12-2004  14-06-2006
18 Dr. Sharda Dhaulta  28-06-2006 31-03-2008
19 Sh. P.P.Chauhan(Off.)  01.04.2008 09.04.2008
20 Dr. B.L. Vinta 10-04-2008

Growth in Infrastructure

The Campus

Initially the college functioned in Arts block with only 13 rooms and separate administrative block. With the inauguration of the Science block of the College on May 10, 1997 by Shri Virbhadra Singh, the Hon’ble Chief Minister, the College has a spacious Science block with 6 lecture halls, 6 science laboratories and an equal number of departmental rooms besides adequate number of store rooms.


The Library:
As gateways to knowledge and culture, libraries play a fundamental role in the society. The resources and services they offer create opportunities for learning, support literacy and education, and help shape the new ideas and perspectives that are central to a creative and innovative society. Libraries are synonymous with the education and offer countless learning opportunities that can fuel economic, social and cultural development.  The college library housed in Arts Block of the college formally came in to being on 22nd September, 1989 with a collection few dozen books, 2 newspapers and 5 magazine. The college library is on the path of both vertical and horizontal expansion since its inception, and at present has acquired more than 7400 books, 24 magazines and 10 daily newspapers. The process of electronic cataloguing of titles and authors of the books available in the library is in progress. The college library through INFLIBNET (Information and Library Network Centre of UGC) also provides online access to the e-books, e-journals, online library and information resources of academic and research importance to the teachers and students to cater their teaching, learning and research requirements. With the completion of   impressive and spacious Library cum Auditorium building under construction in the college campus the Govt. P. G. College, Seema  is all set to possess and boast of  one of the best libraries in the state.


The Computer  Lab
The College has a well equipped Computer lab with 22 computers with an overhead projector and ten broad band connection since 2006.In addition to this, the College has an additional computer lab established and funded by the UGC having ten computers also with ten broad band connections which is not only providing information but has also brought the world the world to the desks of the students. The students from various faculties are using the IT labs and being benefited out of it. With a single click of Mouse, students can connect to any part of this planet Earth, thus, this small area has become a significant part of the global village.

Girls’ Hostel

 To meet the residential requirements of the  girls coming from far flung areas, the foundation stone of the  girls hostel in the College premises with  an intake  capacity of 105  was laid  during September,2006 by  shri Virbhadra Singh , the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Himachal Pradesh and was inaugurated during September,2009. The hostel is well equipped with all the modern amenities including recreational and indoor sports room.

Conference Hall

In pursuit of academic excellence, a well furnished Conference Hall with sitting capacity of 60 persons has been established during the year 2012. This will provide a common platform for intellectual participation by the teachers, academicians and renowned personalities over the years to come. It is aided with all the modern gadgets to make the interaction more interesting, lively and assimilative in nature.


Auditorium-cum- Library:
The foundation stone of the Auditorium cum Library was laid by Shri Virbhadra Singh, the Hon’ble Chief Himachal Pradesh on 2nd May, 2005. The work on the construction of the Auditorium is on the verge of completion. With the commissioning of Auditorium, the dearth of library and auditorium at present shall be soon accomplished


Boys Hostel:

Similarly, foundation stone of the boys’ hostel was laid by the Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Virbhadra Singh during September; 2006.This hostel is near completion and shall provide lodging for 105 boys preferably from the next academic session.


Achievements in Academics:

The performance and achievements of students is the main criterion of judging the efficiency, efficacy and the effectiveness of any institution. Our students have performed very well both in academic as well in co-curricular activities. The annual results and pass percentage of the students have always been higher than the University pass percentage all through the past 25 years. Even division wise our students have always scored  high divisions consistently. During the year 2009-10, one of our student; Mr Pushpender Kumar got Sixth  position in the H.P. University B.Com III rd year Annual examination and during the session 2011-12, Miss       ----stood first in M.A.History, IIIrd Semester examination. The data of the results for the past 12 year  presented in the Box itself speaks volumes about the academic performance of the students of the College.


Roll of Honour - ARTS & COMMERCE

Sr. No.   Year              ARTS                             COMMERCE                          
1.         2001               Vijay Laxmi                Manisha Khangta       
2.         2002               Sanjay Kumar                        
3.         2003               Anuradha                    Naresh Kumar            
4.         2004               Ravi Prakash               Chetan Sood              
5.         2005               Manisha Kalta             Ashish Negi               
6.         2006               Shyam Lal                   Vikesh Kumar            
7.         2007               Tanuja Chauhan          Atul Kumar                
8.         2008               Rachana Kumari         Rachana
9.         2009               Anshul Chauhan         Nikhil Sood
10.       2010               Deepmala                    Pushperder Ranta (6thPosition in HPU)
11.       2011               Sandeep Sharma         Samriti Bragta

Roll of Honour -SCIENCE (M & NM)

Sr. No.   Year              MEDICAL                NON-MEDICAL            BCA

1.          2001              Sandeep Kumar       Dhirender Dass          
2.         2002               Lokpal                                    
3.         2003               Sujal Aggarwal         Pramod Kumar           
4.         2004               Sushil Sharma         Yashpal                      
5.         2005               Nehar Singh            Hans Raj                    
6.         2006               Neelam Dulta          Manoj Kumar             
7.         2007               Anjali Sharma         Pradeep Sharma         
8.         2008               Rajini                     Babinder Singh
9.         2009               Sangita                  Sonika            
10.       2010               Ritika Sharma         Adtiya Singh  
11.       2011               Sarvesh Kumar        Kusum Lata                Abhishek Walia