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Old Student Association

Dear Alumnus (Old Student)


Govt. P. G. College Seema wishes you a very Happy New Year. This College feels very proud in having alumnus (old student) like you. The college has travelled almost 27 years of glorious journey in the field of higher education. In these years thousands of brilliant students like you have graduated from this premier institute of repute. Even after passing out from this college, now college wishes to take all alumni (old students) in its fold through Alumni Association (Old Students Association). We here are planning to record the progression of all our old students’ achievements in a document. For this we urgently need your support and co – operation in this endeavour. Please supply following information either through e-mail, Watsapp, mobile, by post or any other mode at the earliest. Doing all this you can automatically become a proud member of the old students association (Seema College Alumni Association SCAA). The purpose of SCAA is to promote the welfare of Govt. P. G. College Seema and to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your alma mater (Your parent College). The purpose of Old Students’ Association is to foster the sprit of loyalty and to promote the general welfare of the organisation besides organising several activities and get togethers.
Wish you good luck. We shall be in constant touch with you.

Govt. P. G. College Seema (Rohru)
Distt. Shimla (H.P)



Full Name: Mr. /Ms :
Date of Birth: :
Year of Admission in GC Seema :
Year of Pass out from College :
Education status acquired after graduation :
Educational Qualification: :
Professional Education/ Diploma etc :
Occupation/ Profession
(e.g. business/ self-employed/ In politics, social life/ Govt. job, higher education etc.
Residential Address: :
Official Address : :
Official Tel.No: :
Personal Tel.No: :
Email Id: :
Other Information : :
  • Kindly supply us the above information to enable us to keep proper record.

    Contact :-
    Email               : gcseema-hp@nic.in, gcseemahp@gmail.com
    Phone              : 01781 – 240167, 01781 – 240169

For further information you may contact following persons

  • Dr.Naresh Chauhan [Asstt.Prof.Geography]…+91 9418 515 767
  • Dr.Nitika Dhawan    [Asstt.Prof.Commerce]…+91 9418 669 536
  • Prof. Shalu Dulta     [Asstt.Prof.Chemistry]….+91 8679 394 313
  • Dr. Yogita Bandta    [Asstt.Prof.Hindi]……….+91 9816 025 354