OSA (Old Student Association)
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Rules and regulations

Govt. College Seema prides itself on the healthy, congenial and empowering relationship it fosters between all members of the College Community .The mere observance of rules, though essential, is not enough. A positive, progressive and participatory outlook and an eagerness to benefit from, as well as contribute richly to, the total life of the College are the hallmarks of this beautiful fast growing College. A caring, courteous and magnanimous disposition that transcends all labels of discrimination and exemplifies profound respect to the greatness and nobility of the human spirit is deemed basic to the culture of this college. All the new comers who are privileged to be part of this beautiful institution with healthy tradition are required to cherish and honour it to the utmost.
  As discipline is the backbone of any educational institution, the college lays special emphasis on the maintenance of discipline and decorum in and outside the classrooms. The students need to keep the following points in mind:-

  • Every student of the College is subject to, and must submit to, the discipline of the College and of the       University, and abide by the rules and customs of the College.
  • Nonobservance of the rules and customs, or breach of College discipline, could result in the termination/expulsion of a student from the rolls of the college.
  • All students of the College shall behave courteously with each other, Senior Members and office staff in the College. A serious view shall be taken of any form of discourtesy.
  • .  In order to create a favorable academic atmosphere in the college, students should maintain silence while moving in the college campus or sitting in the Library. Movement from one classroom to another should be orderly.
  • It is mandatory for every student to maintain proper discipline in the college campus as well as outside the college.
  • All kind of act performed by the student that amount to indiscipline will be dealt strictly.
  • All students are directed to read the notice board thoroughly which are displayed exclusively on the student notice board every day and act or do the needful in accordance.
  • To write anything on the walls, blackboard, Furniture or to break and causing damage to the furniture, window panes/ to pluck the flowers / to remove notices are considered as act of indiscipline and will be dealt strictly.
  • Sitting on the railing and spitting in college premises/ corridors/ classroom is strictly prohibited. Student found doing so will be fined Rs. 50/- in each instance.
  • The following acts are also treated as indiscipline such as to hold any meeting / function / party/ bringing outsider inside the campus, plying of vehicles in the campus during college hours and to take any photograph in the premises of the college without the prior permission of the Principal.

In addition, the Director of Education, H.P vide letter No. Shiksha-H(21) Education code/2004 dated 9th March 2005 has directed to take the following steps to deal with the tendency of rising indiscipline among the college students and maintain proper discipline in the college.

Personal Health & Hygiene:

  • All students must come to college in neat, clean and decent dress.
  • Must give special attention to personal cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Discipline in College Campus:
  • Student must pay respect to National Anthem and National Symbols.
  • Must not throw garbage in the classrooms and campus. Spitting in classrooms/ corridors and college premises is also strictly banned.
  • Use of Tobacco, Gutka and other narcotics are strictly banned in college premises.
  • Must use proper toilet and dustbin.
  • Unnecessary noise, whistling and slogan shouting during vacant periods and after classes are over, is strictly prohibited.
  • Students should respect their teachers, principal and other dignitaries.
  • Students must raise & maintain plantation and develop flower gardens.
  • Entry of unauthorized person and vehicles in the college campus is also prohibited.
  • Writing & fixing / pasting of posters on the walls of classrooms and toilets are strictly banned.
  • Students should make use of college library and canteen during the vacant periods. Quarrelling in campus must be avoided.
  • Vide letter No. Shiksha-II-Ja (2) 1/99-Loose dated 23-05-2006 received from principal Secretary (Education) to the Govt. of Himachal Pradesh use of help / guide books in the college is banned.

The following activities will be considered as violation of the college discipline and may result in fine,    expulsion or rustication, depending on the gravity of the offence:

  • Quarrelling in the campus, indulging in violence, use of force and ragging
  • Shouting, making noise and disturbing classes
  • Breaking / damaging college property
  • Bringing outsiders to the college campus.
  • Writing on/defacing walls and blackboards
  • Putting up a notice, sticking bills etc. on the Notice Board or at any other place without the permission of the Principal
  • Eve-teasing
  • Crowding in corridors and staircases and blocking passages
  • Any student found using  Alcohol, Tobacco, Gutkha and other narcotics in the College Campus will be fined up to Rs. 500/- and may have to face expulsion or rustication from the college.
  • Only those functions will be held in the college campus which are organized by the college authorities or allowed by the college administration. Such functions must be wound up within the time frame for which permission is granted. Failure to do so will be treated as breach of discipline.
  • No tours/parties will be organized without the proper authorization from the Principal.
  • Unnecessary use of mobile phones or playing songs on mobile phones in the campus.

According to the Raghwan committee appointed by Hon’ble Supreme Court Ragging means doing an act which causes or is likely to cause insult or annoyance or fear or apprehension or threat or intimidation or outraging of modesty or injury to a student. Again ragging means causing, inducing, compelling  or forcing a student, whether by way of a practical joke or otherwise, to do nay act which detracts from human dignity or violates his person or exposes him to ridicule or to forbear from doing any lawful act by intimidating wrongfully restraining wrongfully confining,  or injuring him of by using criminal force to him or by holding out to him any threat of such intimidation, wrongful restraint, wrongful confinement, injury or the use of criminal force.
Ragging is strictly prohibited as per H.P University Ordinance 7.5. If any student in individual or group tries to indulge or promote physical or mental torture of other student (new comer) shall be considered guilty of the ragging. The H.P University has framed the rules vide Notification No 1-14/HPU/DSW/08-/360 dated 10th July 2008, and as per these rules the student found indulging in any act of ragging, shall be produced in front of Discipline Committee and if found guilty, will be punished appropriately which may include:-

  • Expulsion from the college.
  • Suspension from the class
  • Fine with a public apology.
  •  Withholding scholarship or other benefits.
  • Debarring from the representation in events.
  • Suspension or expulsion from the hostel or Mess.
  • Legal proceeding under criminal law shall be initiated.