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Govt.College Seema(Rohru)


Student charter is a document /an instrument that defines and confers rights, responsibilities and privileges of students in the College/University with the aim of achieving excellence in pursuit of education and learning through quality assurance.The students have the right to quality education and it is the prime responsibility of the College/University to provide quality educational environment and experience to the learners. The students have to be aware of their rights and responsibilities and this will help the College to impart quality education to the learners in a better way.In order to fulfill the creative and professional potential of students they need to know what to expect from college – and what the college expects from them The quality of the services that we believe the students are entitled to are to be balanced with responsibilities placed on them.

  • Students, teachers and staff of our College are expected to treat each other with respect.
  • Diversity and Individuality should be respected and celebrated.
Role of Govt.College Seema
Govt.PG College Seema shall:
  • Value social justice, equality and ethical practices.
  • Provide safe, clean and healthy COLLEGE atmosphere to all the stake holders.
  • Promote overall healthy practices in both academics and administration and their adoption by all the stakeholders of the COLLEGE Give you clear information about your studies, assessed work and academic options.
  • Make its students aware of mission, vision, goals, study programs, delivery means and assessment objectives at the time of admission, student induction and counseling for various programs.
  • Provide clear-cut and complete/ up-dated information to the students about admission procedures, fee structure, scholarships, awards, financial aids, other support systems and also requirements for completion of various study programs.
  • Follow student focused/centric approach towards learning and provision of efficient and timely student services.
  • Provide academic, professional and personal counseling.
  • Strive to motivate dynamic and innovative growth of the learners to achieve academic excellence.
  • Provide opportunities to get impartial/unbiased/factual feedback for the overall growth, up-liftment and improvement of the COLLEGE.
  • Provide appropriate opportunities to all the stake holders to participate in Extracurricular, Co-curricular and other extension activities.
  • Provide fair, transparent, and efficient procedures for dealing with complaints, appeals and disciplinary matters.
  • Provide all possible opportunities for engaging in discovery, creation, refinement, dissemination and preservation of knowledge.
  • Offer need based academic courses, skill improvements and training programs keeping in view the goals and perspectives of the College/University, available facilities and expectations of the society.
  • In conjunction with the CSCA, College will provide a wide range of sporting and cultural activities, with extensive extra-curricular activities for students who want to take part.
  • Offer need based academic courses, skill improvements and training programs keeping in view the goals and perspectives of the College/University, available facilities and expectations of the society.
  • Develop and implement an effective, reliable and valid mechanism for students’ continuous assessment, grading, examination and certification based on merit.
  • Ensure intellectual independence, freedom of enquiry and spirit of scientific temper.
  • Encourage students to respect, preserve and protect our Environment and our Culture.
  • Provide all possible opportunities to engage with inclusive, accessible and effective teaching and professional practices.
  • Offer opportunities for students to be represented in review, planning and policy making.
Student shall:
  • Understand, appreciate and follow the College’s Vision, Mission, Goals of various study programs, delivery means and assessment objectives, and contribute to the realization of the same by sincerely and actively participating in the relevant institutional activities.
  • Strictly follow the College/University Calendar, time schedules, norms, ordinances/rules, acts, and regulations of the various services provided by the University/College and actively and positively participate in teaching, learning, professional, extra-curricular, and other developmental activities.
  • Make optimum use of the learning resources available in the College.
  • Actively participate in academically enriching programs such as seminars, workshops, debates, projects, extension activities, training programmes and other curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular institutional activities.
  • Participate in the continuous comprehensive assessment process and annual/ semester examinations.
  • Contribute to the organizational and cultural life of the College. Participate in various extension activities from time to time e.g. protection of environment, cleanliness, literacy programs and reaching out to communities for equity, access, inclusiveness, sustainability and other relevant issues.
  • Respect the property and physical infrastructure of College and shun all such acts which may lead to damage to the property and breakdown of the basic services for the effective academic pursuits of the College.
  • Follow moral and constitutional values as enshrined in our multidimensional culture and Constitution of India.
  • Respect and celebrate the diversity of ideas, multiculturalism and inclusiveness without any preconceived notions of caste, creed and religion.
  • Abstain from any activity leading to violence, unhealthy atmosphere e.g. drugs, alcohol, intoxicants, ragging and other unhealthy practices.
  • Provide solicited and unsolicited unbiased/honest feedback for improvement of the system for the up-liftment of the standards of the College.
  • Have a clear and adequate knowledge of various study programs, admission policy, program completion requirements, assessment mechanisms and other student services of the College.
  • Abide by the decisions of the College/University as decided by the various statutory bodies of the College/University or the executive authorities from time to time.
  • Always strive for Excellence
Students’ Union or CSCA will
  • Work with staff and students of the College to promote and implement the principles of this Charter.

The Charter will be reviewed and updated each year.