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Govt.College Seema(Rohru)


Major and Minor Course carries 4 Credits each. Compulsory courses and General Interest courses will be of 3 and 1 credit each. Following table gives a summary of an under graduate programme:-

Sr.No. Course Component Number of Courses
Min | Max
Credits Per Course Total Credits
Min | Max
1 Compulsory Courses and Skill based courses 3 | 6 3 9 | 18
2 Core Courses 14 | - 4 56 | -
3 Elective Courses (Minor) 10 | 13 4 52 or More
4 General Interest & Hobby Courses 1 | 4 1 to 3 1 | 9
Total 28 | 36 1 to 4 Variable) 106 | 135
List of Major Subjects
Economics Physical Education Botany
English Political Science Chemistry
Geography Public Administration Mathematics
Hindi Sociology Physics
History Sanskrit Zoology
Music Vocal and Instrumental Commerce -
The students are required to choose one subject of their choice from these as their Major Subject.

List of Minor Subject (Bachelor of Arts)

Group-I Group-II Group-III Group-IV
Political Science English Hindi Economics
Mathematics - Sanskrit Music (V/I)
Public Administration - Geography History
JMC - Physical Education Sociology

The students have to choose two subjects from these four groups but they can’t pick their minor subjects from the same group. The students of arts faculty have full liberty to choose their minor subjects from science stream as well.

Minor subjects for (Bachelor of Science)
Physics Zoology
Mathematics Botany
Chemistry Geography

The students of Science stream have full freedom to choose minor subjects from any of the above mentioned groups of Arts.

Skill based Compulsory subjects offered by the college
1st Semester 2nd Semester 3rd Semester
Functional English Functional Hindi IT Skills
Critical Reasoning and presentation
Basic Mathematics
Perspective of Business Education
Non-Skill based Compulsory Subjects offered by the college
1st Semester 2nd Semester 3rd Semester
English English English
Constitution of India History of Himachal Pradesh Geography of Himachal Pradesh
Hindi Sanskrit -
General Interest and Hobby Courses offered by the College
1st Semester 2nd Semester 3rd Semester
Bhartiya Sanskriti Geography of India Music
Introduction to Windows Communication skills in English Basics of Accounting
Economics Terminology Leadership Styles Professional writing
History of Science Music Mathematics