Assistant Professor

1. Name:                   Dr. Mahinder Singh

2.  Subject:                 Mathematics (Magnetohydrodynamics)

3. Institutional Address: Assistant Professor, Department (Mathematics), Govt. PG.  College Seema (Rohru) Dist      Shimla-171207, India

    Email: mahinder_singh91@rediffmail.in, drmsmath78@gmail.com  Mobile: 8894215567 

4.  Nationality:            Indian

6. Qualifications: Ph.D, M. Phil, NET and M.Sc(Mathematics)

7. Teaching Experience: 

              * Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College of Delhi University from 26 Oct 2006- June 2007

              * Lovely Professional University from 15 August 2007 to 13 June 2010

              * Govt.  PG College SEEMA(Rohru), DISTT SHIMLA( H.P),  from 15 June  2010 onward

10. Research Publications:

             International              National        Conference          Total (See short listed Annexure –I)

              32                                   05               07                        44

11. Research Guidance: (03 Ph.D and 02 M.Phil Completed)

      Special Guidance for JRF, in Investigation of Lubrication Mechanism of a Synovial            Membrane Fluid in Human Body, 2009-2010

                                                                                                                   Annexure I

List of Few  Research Publications

in Journals



Authors: “Title of Research Paper”. “Name of the journal” (Country), Vol. No. Page Nos




1. P. Kumar and M. Singh: “On a Visco-elastic Fluids Heated from Below in a Porous      Medium”.  J. Non-Equilib.Thermodyn.(New York),..31, 189 - 203, 2006.





2. P. Kumar and M. Singh: “Instability of Two Rotating Visco-elastic (WALTERS      B’) Superposed Particles in Porous Medium”. Int. J. Thermal Science, 11(1), 93 - 102, 2007.

3. P. Kumar and M. Singh: “Hydrodynamic and Hydro magnetic Stability of     Viscous Viscoelastic Superposed Fluids in Presence of Suspended Particles”. Hindawi      Pub.  Corporation (USA), Physical Separation in Science and Engineering 28908, 1-6,         2007.





4. P. Kumar and M. Singh: “On Superposed Maxwellian ViscoelasticFluids Through       Porous Medium in Hydromagnetic”. IeJEMTA, 3 (1), 146 - 158, 2008.

5. P. Kumar and M. Singh: “Thermal Instability of Kuvshiniski Viscoelastic Fluid with           Finite Dust in a Porous Medium”.  IJAME13(1), 193-201, 2008




6. Mahinder Singh and Pardeep kumar: “Rotatory Thermosolutal Convection in a        Couple – Stress     Fluids”.  Z.Naturforch 64a, 448-454, 2009.

7. Mahinder Singh and Pardeep kumar: “Thermal Instability of a compressible         electrically Conducting Couple-Stress fluid in the Presence of a Uniform Magnetic          Field”,  IJAME(Poland), 14(3), 879 - 889, 2009.


8. Mahinder Singh and Pardeep kumar: “Magneto Thermal Convection in a         Compressible Couple-      Stress Fluid”  Z. Naturforsch. 65a, 215 – 220 (2010)    










9. Mahinder Singh: “Hall Current Effect on Thermosolutal Instability in Viscoelastic         Fluids through Porous Medium”   IJAME (Poland), 16(1), 69-82 2011.

10. Mahinder Singh and Pardeep kumar: “Hydrodynamic and hydromagnetic stability of        two stratified Walter’s B’ elastico viscous superposed fluids” IJAME (Poland), 16(1),          233-241, 2011

 11. Mahinder Singh and Pardeep kumar: “Magneto and Rotatory Thermosolutal         Convection in Couple-Stress Fluid in Porous Medium” Journal of Porous Medium          (Germany), 14(7), 637-648,  2011

12. Mahinder Singh and R. Gupta: “Thermal Instability of Revilin-Ericksen Elastico-      Viscous Fluid Permeated with Suspended Particles in Hydrodynamics in a Porous      Medium” IJAME (Poland), 16(4), 1169-1179, 2011



13. Mahinder  Singh and P Kumar : “Thermosolutal Convection in a Layer of Electrically       Conducting Fluid  Heated and Soluted From Below”  International journal of  Z.         Naturforsch(USA), 67a,  275-281, 2012





14 : Mahinder Singh and Chander Bhan Mehta: On compressible Couple-Stress fluid           heated and soluted from below in porous medium in presence of rotation and           magnetic field, Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology, 1(1) 21-33, 2013

15: Mahinder Singh and Rajesh Kumar Gupta: Hall Effect on Thermal Instability of         Viscoelastic Dusty Fluid in Porous medium, International Journal of Applied         Mechanics and Engineering (Poland), 18(3), 871-886, DOI:10.2478/ijame-2013-       0052, NASSA have Entitled as http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2013IJAME..18..871S








16: Mahinder Singh and Rajesh Kumar Gupta : Double – Diffusive Convection in           Presence of Compressible Rivlin-Ericksen Fluid with Fine Dust, J. Fluids, Hindawi            Publishing Corporation (USA), ID: 714150, http://dx.doi.org/10.1155/2014/714150

17: Mahinder Singh and Rajesh Kumar Gupta:  On Thermosolutal Convection in         Presence of Compressible Fluid with Fine Dust, IJAME(Poland), 19(1), 133-143,2014

18: Mahinder Singh and Chander Bhan Mehta: Hydrodynamic and Hydromagnetic           Stability of Superposed Rivlin-Ericksen Elastico Viscous Fluid of Different           Permeability with Porous Medium, Journal of Bioinformatics and Biological           Engineering, 2(1), 13-19, 2014




19: Mahinder Singh and Chander Bhan Mehta: “Hydrodynamic and Hydromagnetic           Stability of Two Superposed Elastico – Viscous Fluid of Different Permeability with            Dust through porous Medium”  IJAME(Poland), 20(2), 407- 416,  2015.

20: Mahinder Singh: Stability of superposed fluids through magnetic field with            suspended particles of different permeability saturated through porous layer, IJAME,             20(4), 889-898, 2015.


21: Mahinder Singh: Effective Interfacial Tension Effect on the Stability of Streaming          Rivlin–Ericksen Elastico Viscous Fluid through Porous Medium, Int. J. of Applied         Mechanics and Engineering,  21(1), 221-229, 2016.

22: Mehta C.B, Singh, M and Kumar, S: Thermal Convection of Magneto Compressible        Couple-Stress Fluid Saturated in Porous Medium with Hall Current, Int. J. of Applied       Mechanics and Engineering, 21(1), 83-93, 2016


23: Mahinder Singh: On Thermal Instability of kuvshiniski Fluid with Suspended particles       Saturated in a Porous Medium in the Presence of magnetic Field,  Int. J. of Applied       Mechanics and Engineering, 22(4), 981-994, 2017




24: Mehta C.B, Singh, Mahinder: Compressible analysis of Benard Convection of         Magneto Rotatory Couple-Stress Fluid, Int. J. of Applied       Mechanics and        Engineering, 23(1), 91-105, 2018

25: Mahinder Singh: Double-Diffusive Convection of Synovial ( Couple-Stress) Fluid in       presence of Hall current through porous medium, Int. J. of Applied       Mechanics and        Engineering, 23(4), 963- 976, 2018.




26: Mahinder Singh: Animated Mathematical Model for Dimensional to non- Dimensional     Matter Using Bi-Section Method  (Concept of Never-Ending Process), Asian Journal of     Pure and Applied Mathematics, 2(2), 51-60, 2020. 



27: Mahinder Singh: Double – Diffusive Convection of a Kuvshiniski Viscoelastic Fluid Through a Porous Medium,  Asian Journal of     Pure and Applied Mathematics, 2(3), 29-45, 2020. Article No: AJPAM. 308



                                                                                                                                              Annexure II

Attended Meeting of Indian Academy of Sciences Bangalore


(1): Attend the “ 79th Annual Meeting of Indian Academy of Science Held at Punjab University Chandigarh in Association with CSIR-IMTECH Chandigarh and IISER- Mohali, w.e.f. 08- to 10         Nov. 2013.

(2): Attend the “82nd Annual Meeting of Indian Academy of Science held in IISER  Bhopal, took part  in the scientific programme of lectures and an interaction meeting with the education panel of the academy,  w. e. f.  04-06 Nov. 2016.

(3): Attend the 28th Mid – Year Meeting of Indian Academy of Science held at ISc. Bangalore, took part in the scientific programme of lectures and an interaction meeting with the education panel of  the  academy,  w. e. f.  29- June -01 July. 2017

(4): Attend the “83rdAnnual Meeting of Indian Academy of Science held at NEHU Shilong , took part  in the scientific programme of lectures and an interaction meeting with the education panel of the   academy,  w. e. f.  03-05 Nov. 2017.


 Book Published

(1): A Book “Magnetohydrodynamic Problem with Hall current in non- Newtonian fluids”, have been  published by lap-Lambert academic publishing ISBN 978-3-659- 36781-6, 2014.  

(2): Write Chapters for Book of RUSA(CBCS) Elective Mathematics-5th Semester, of Mathematics  titles as Partial Differential Equation, Sharma Publication, Jalandhar, 2015 of Himachal Pradesh University for Under Graduate Courses. 


Award Received

 Bharat Shiksha Rattan Award, given by Global Society for health and educational Growth at New Delhi on 21-sep. 2015


Papers in National/International Conferences/Symposia/Seminar etc  

1. Hall Current Effect on Thermosolutal Instability in Viscoelastic Fluids through Porous Medium. Paper Presented in “20thAnnual Conference of Ganita Parishad of India (Kotta)”, Jan.18- 19, 2009.

             2. Double-Diffusive Magneto-Hydrodynamics through Porous Medium, Presented in “ 11th international  Conference of the International Academy of physical Sciences, Institute of        Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Allahabad, 22-22- Feb. 2010.

3. Animated Mathematical Model. Presented in “SAP-2011(DRS Phase–I) National Seminar on Recent Trends in Continuum Mechanics”, at HPU28-29 March 2011.

4. Hydrodynamic and hydromagnetic stability of two superposed elastico-viscous fluid of different  permeability with fine dust in porous medium, Presented in International conference on mathematical modeling and numerical simulation, July 01-03-2013 at Baba Sahib Bhim  Rao  Ambedkar University, Lucknow, India.

5. Hydrodynamic and hydromagnetic stability of kuvshiniski Fluid through Porous medium, in workshop on Mathematical modeling and computational technique, 27-28 sep. 2013,  UIIT, Punjab University Chandigarh

6. Horizontal Thermosolutal Uniform Vertical Magneto-Rotatory Incompressible Couple-     Stress     Fluid Through Porous Medium, in International Conference on Recent Advances in  Mathematics and Their Application, 10-07-2016 to 12-07-2016, Rajsthan University Jaipur,  India.


Workshop/Training/Induction Participated/Attended by me:

 Participated in: 

1.  National Workshop on Linear and Non-Linear System organized by Banasthali University on       15-12-11 to 19-12-11 Sponsored by DST  Govt  of India. 

2. Sensitization Workshop of All India Higher Education Survey as Nodal Officer for Higher Education held at SCERT Solan w.e.f 05-03-2012-05- 03-2012.

3. Ordinary Differential Equation workshop organized jointly by IIT and TIFR Mumbai at Department of Mathematics, Jaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaghat Solan,w.e.f. 04-06- 2012-16-06-2012, sponsored by DST Govt of India

4. Science Refresher Course organized at PSGR, Krishnammal College for Women Coimbatore,  sponsored by IAS, INSA and NASI w.e.f 27-08-2012 to 08- 09- 2012.

5: Short term Course on “Modeling and Simulation using Finite Element Method for  Engineering  applications”, at IIT Mandi, w.e.f. 23 to 27 June 2014.

6: Science Academy Lecture Workshop on Essence of Partial Differential Equation at IIT Mandi   w. e. f. 02 to 04th April 2018

Life Memberships:

                 (1):   Ramanujan Mathematical Society of India. Membership No: 647


                  (2): Indian Mathematical Society. Membership No: S- 10- 340


                  (3):  Rajasthan Ganita Parishad. Membership No: 11/389


                 (4): Indian Science Congress. Membership No: L23041

              Review Committee Member:

(1): Reviewer of“Applications and Applied Mathematics”, an    International journal (AAM) Prairie    View A & M University, Texas, USA from 2009 onward.

 (2): Reviewer of “International Journal of transform in Porous medium”, University of   California  from  2010 onward.

 (3): Reviewer of “World Academy of Science and Engineering”, USA, 2010 onward.

 (4): Reviewer of Q Science Connect, 2013 onward

 (5): Journal of Porous Medium, 2011 onward

(6): Journal of Science Connect, 2012 onward

     (7): Journal of Bio Informatics 2013 onward